about us


Ari Sussman

Founder and Coordinator (School Climate Manager, Brooklyn North Field Support Center, NYC DOE)


Betty Feibusch

Coordinator (School Climate Manager, Affinity Schools, NYC DOE)


The Student Voice Collaborative was established in 2010, with hopes of generating a wave of student-led change across NYC public high schools. SVC brings together students from across the City to effect the sorts of change they want to see in their schools and support one another along the way. While the program started as an initiative of NYC Department of Education Network 102, following a recent DOE re-organization, SVC now serves "Brooklyn North" schools (districts 13, 14, 15, 16, 19, 23, 32) as a subset of the Brooklyn North Borough Student Advisory Council (BSAC). 

Participating schools recruit two student representatives, who are eligible to earn high school credit for their involvement.  As part of the experience, students attend weekly meetings, interview key DOE officials, serve as shadows on official school Quality Reviews, and advocate for a citywide student voice agenda.  Further, each school forms a student-staff action team that conducts action research, identifies a relevant challenge, and implements a collaborative school improvement campaign (see the "Our Schools" tab for examples).  SVC schools pair up – based upon common needs and interests – and take part in inter-visitations that inspire shared learning and growth.  Through the entire process, schools collaboratively build democratic systems and structures that ensure meaningful and ongoing student involvement. Today, the collaborative is proud to include 12 schools with 24 student representatives.

The Goal
 To improve our selves, our schools, and our school system, together.

Some Key Details

 • Each school is represented by a pair of SVC students

 • All participating students are members of their student councils 
 • Each pair of students is supported by a Staff Liaison who facilitates student council

 • Student councils do the most important work at school -- planning, organizing, and engaging the school community
 • Each school forms a student-staff Action Team that meets monthly to communicate and advance a school improvement campaign

 • Action Teams serve as the heart of the collaborative school improvement process

 • Principals oversee and champion the work, ensuring that it is a priority and well-supported

Last Year's Participating Schools

 Academy for Young Writers
 Baruch College Campus High School
 Bronx Collaborative High School
 Brooklyn Frontiers High School
 College Academy
 Flushing International High School
 Harlem Renaissance
 Landmark High School
 Metropolitan Diploma Plus
 Murray Hill Academy
 Park Slope Collegiate
 School for International Studies